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Our Mission

We are here to build the roadmap for your wellness goals, to support your growth physically but more importantly mentally. Something we feel got lost along the way in the fitness world.

Our Merit

Veritas Fit is more than a clothing company; it’s a lifestyle, and a movement. We exist for those who understand what it takes to work hard and stay humble. Our devotees are always chasing their next PR and understand the proper way to fuel their lifestyle.

Our Promise

Our goal is to build awareness and spread knowledge of better training methods and optimal nutritional strategies to combat the prevailing opinions of a misguided industry.

Our Impact

The Veritas Fits’ motto is TRUST THE PROCESS. Veritas Fit is about a lot more than a celebration of self. It is a statement of purpose, or more specifically, repurposing. The health and fitness industry is stuck, and it profits from repackaging the same tired gimmicks to people who don’t know any better.


The Athletes

Tammy Jo

"Being part of Veritas has helped me stay focused, committed and accepted for doing something many just don’t understand. And loving every single minute of it."

Kasi Vertrees

"Veritas Fit encompasses all that I believe, it's a combination of fitness and nutrition with support and compassion. A true recipe for success!"

Tammy Godwin

"My VERITAS Fit family supports and guides me. Every set back is a come back waiting to happen. I hope we can smash some goals together!"

John Parks III

"I'm proud of the double trifecta of Spartan Races that I earned last year and look forward to running many more."

April Khagee

"I believe our passions show us who we are, so I started following mine. Running, lifting, obstacle course racing, and then triathlon, and traveling to races."

Jody Karba

"I strive to make every workout but as a family first woman and a single mom sometimes kids snuggles first thing in the morning is what happens."

Liesl Pyle

"I represent Veritas with a whole new love for fitness and a brand that exhibits everything I need to succeed. This is my family. This is my life. This is my motivation."

Sammi Blood

"I am a strong advocate for functional fitness to lower the rate of cardiac arrest, especially among first responders. This truly became my personal goal- to be my best self for myself, my fire company, and the community I serve and to help share it with others.

Justin Jones

"This group of like minded, passionate, determined people is what drives the brand to be successful. I’m just here for the ride and to push Veritas Fit to anyone who will listen."  

Shannon Halverson

"I believe with hard work, the right support and great programming any person can reach and exceed their goals!"  

Summer Thompson

"I may not be where I want to be but I’m no where near the woman I was 2 years ago! Perhaps I’ll get on that stage and compete one day!"

Jamie Hammontree

"No matter what your level of fitness is, what you look like, or what your training regimen is.. we celebrate each other!If you're looking for a group of people to embrace you.. Just as you are... You have found it."

Ashley Brown

"The most important part of this journey for me has been my extremely supportive family and having the amazing Veritas Fit squad to turn to for advice and also support."

Michon Jordan

"We are real. Our stories are just like yours. We help each other, push and motivate each other.. It's the one place where all of your family of brothers and sisters encourage you."

Jesse Tomberelli

"When I was in school I was picked on and bullied because of my size. That is now my motivation."


JD is the founder of Veritas Fit, and his aim is to build a wellness community where individuals can feel supported and find resources as they try to live healthier lives. When JD isn’t designing programs for his clients, answering client questions, designing awesome clothes, or posting on social media, you'll find him at a hockey game or training for his next big race.