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The Veritas Fit Athlete roster is an invite only* opportunity and is awarded based on accomplishments within the strength community, character, work ethic, and support of the Veritas Fit brand.

Our athletes are at the top of their sports and compete either with themselves or on a grand stage. More importantly, these are people who may live next door to you, going about life with a 9 to 5, running a small business, at school getting a degree, or making a positive impact in the world. 

Since many out there in the fitness world might not get the same recognition elsewhere within their chosen sport, we’d rather help sponsor and support those who need it more, the ones who's heart lies in the right spot and who are ready to make a world impact on their own level.

While we appreciate all levels of athletes, we focus our attention on the ones who are making a big impact in their gym, in their community, and of course to themselves. This is why we consider this to be a huge commitment and one that we take just as seriously as you the athlete. 

We will only sponsor a select few in order to keep the sponsorship exclusive, intimate, and beneficial for both parties and do not replace or ask that the athlete have to re-apply each year. We're in this for the long haul as long as the athlete upholds their commitment to positivity and support of the Veritas Fit brand.

*Athletes must already be a Veritas Fit Elite in order to be considered. 


  • Right to use official Veritas Fit logos, name, & or mantra to promote sponsorship according to terms
  • Images of sponsored athlete endorsing Veritas Fit products will be used accordingly to promote Veritas Fit and increase sponsored athletes audience through exposure on several social media platforms including and not limited to Instagram, Website, Facebook, Magazines, & print ads.
  • High discounts on apparel including pre-released apparel before everyone else
  • Exclusive athlete only apparel items
  • Discounted training programs from Veritas Fit
  • Bragging rights
  • Support in fitness competitions in the area that you may choose to represent Veritas Fit in.
  • Exclusivity of Veritas Fit being your only sponsor with regards to training/apparel.